Welcome to Our Virtual Adoption Event!

This event has been made possible by our friends at Albany Subaru and ASPCA. It has been designed as a way to continue matching rescue animals with special people who will open their heart to them, while maintaining safety protocols needed during these times.

We are looking for loving, stable and permanent homes for our animals. This means that they will be valued family members for the rest of their lives. Before adopting, please consider if you are able and willing to provide this quality of life to a new animal.

All adoptable animals have been vaccinated and treated for parasites. Those who are not yet spayed at the time of adoption, because they are not old enough, will be accompanied by a voucher for their spay or neuter. Spay/neuter is a requirement of adoption for any animal adopted through this event.

This event will run for one week: October 17 – 24. Thanks to a grant from Subaru and ASPCA, adoption fees have been waived during this event!


  1. View our adoptable animals below.
  2. Schedule a Zoom or FaceTime call to meet the animal one-on-one.
  3. When you find a dog or cat you are interested in adopting, please complete our Pre-Adoption Questionnaire and Press “Submit”
  4. If a good match is made, we will email you the adoption contract. Once you complete it and email it back to us, we can schedule a time for you to pick up your new pet within 48 hours of signing the adoption contract.
  5. Your new animal’s health record will be emailed to you.

Now, let’s meet some animals!