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ARR finds homes for 38 dogs from Contra Costa Animal Services

Dogs that find themselves at Animal Control with “behavior issues” or medical/age issues, are often the ones left behind when offered for adoption or rescue. Their time is limited.

In a partnership with Contra Costa Animal Services, Animal Refugee Response is taking these dogs and working with them until they are ready for adoption. Many of them just need to be held and talked to. Others need a home-like routine. And some, of course need medical care. It takes a lot of time and effort, but we are proud to say that as of mid June, 2020, we have found loving homes for 38 of these dogs so far.


In May, 2020, Animal Refugee Response received a generous grant from The Pedigree Foundation. The grant was given for the purposes of continuity of our efforts during the COVID-19 crisis, including veterinary needs, pet food and animal care.

The giving spirit of The Pedigree Foundation has helped us continue to provide a high quality of life for countless animals during this time of crisis when donations are way down, volunteering is way down, and animals in need are way up.

Thank you, Pedigree Foundation from all of us at Animal Refugee Response.


In May, 2020, Animal Refugee Response received a generous operations grant from Petfinder Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Petfinder Adoption platform to use for pet food and vet care during the COVID-19 shutdown.

We appreciate the support from Petfinder Foundation during these times of crisis. They have a good understanding of the reality of homeless animals, and that grants to organizations like ours who are dedicated to saving animal lives is money well spent.

Thank you, Petfinder Foundation from all of us at Animal Refugee Response

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