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Many special needs animals become permanent residents at Animal Refugee Response due to their significant care requirements. We are committed to give them a high quality of life despite their physical limitations. Your monthly sponsorship of one of these special animals will help us provide them with additional individualized enrichment activities that they enjoy so much.


Surrendered at six weeks old Rooey has been with us for almost seven years now. He is a joyful dog, even though he was born with front limbs so disfigured he cannot use them. But Rooey learned to fold his useless limbs across his chest, and bounce rhythmically to his destination. He also learned to imitate sounds he hears, like cats meowing, and people talking. His expressive vocalizations keep his caretakers informed of all his needs and wants.

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Teddy was born with severe motor disabilities leaving him unable to stand, walk or balance. But using a creative combination of rolling and scooting on his side Teddy goes where he wants. “What kind of life is that?” some people ask. Well, just like any other dog, Teddy really loves to be held, responds enthusiastically to his name, and enjoys treats (especially hot dogs). Yes, he needs assistance sometimes, with bathing, grooming, going outside. But doesn’t every dog?

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Pierre was dumped one night in a fast food parking lot, locked inside a small travel kennel. It was foul. As well as being blind, both his rear legs had unformed feet, most likely a birth defect. He was able to walk, but very gingerly. The vet removed the worst of his eyes and recommended soft surfaces for Pierre, because he was walking on his ankle bones. Pierre now lives as a free dog. His loves walking on the softest grass, following the voice of his caretaker.

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Beautiful Olive inherited a degenerative disease that has left the bones in her legs and feet so fragile and distorted they can no longer hold her weight. Despite her progressive disability, she loves giving and getting affection, and being hand fed. She especially enjoys going outside with the others and laying on a blanket to feel the sun on her back and the breeze on her face. She is very grateful for the loving assistance her caretakers provide her.

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An un-neutered one year old feral cat, Bocelli was wandering and was hit by a car. Miraculously, he survived without internal injuries to his body, but he did sufferer head trauma and loss of his vision. Although there is a possibility that his vision might return when the brain swelling subsides, he needs assistance now to learn how to navigate his surroundings. Bocelli has a great appetite and is quickly learning that we are here to help him.

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