Contribute To An Animal’s Vet Care

You can help positively change an animal’s quality of life by contributing to their needed veterinary care.


In the prime of his life, Onyx has recently developed Stomatitis, a painful and progressive condition of the mouth. With medical intervention the condition can be successfully managed, vastly improving his quality of life by enabling him to eat normally and get the nutrition he needs.

Estimated Cost: $1,350

Make a contribution to Onyx’s medical care.


An experienced pet with a great personality, Yvette keeps getting passed over for adoption due to a minor cherry eye, a condition in which the inner eyelid is turned inside out. Although generally benign, it does affect her appearance. A minor surgery would certainly change her life.

Estimated Cost: $750

Make a contribution to Yvette’s medical care.


Surrendered with Distemper when she was a puppy, Lucy is one of very few survivors of this disease. But she was left with life long tremors and a condition that stopped the development of her adult teeth. They have now decayed in her jaw. She needs them removed by a specialist.

Estimated Cost: $3,500

Make a contribution to Lucy’s medical care.


Ongoing ear infections suggest that Boy Boy, a large and sweet Maine Coon mix might have a foreign body in his ear canal. He needs an exploratory procedure under sedation to confirm and resolve the problem. The young and otherwise very healthy cat is expected to make a full recovery.

Estimated Cost: $900

Make a contribution to Boy Boy’s medical care.


Delightful little Ellie, a social and sweet four week old kitten, came in with badly infected eyes. We were able to save one, but the other one will need to be removed. When Ellie is under anesthesia for spay in a few months, the vet plans to also do the eye procedure. Once the bad eye is gone, there will be no stopping her!

Estimated Cost: $650

Make a contribution to Ellie’s medical care.

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