Animal Refugee Response exists to advocate for, rescue and protect animals in dire need, and to stand as a NO-KILL alternative for homeless animals.

We will work to improve the outlook for animals by providing care for injured, sick, elderly, disabled orphaned animals, a safe place to animals who can be adopted, and sanctuary to those who are unadoptable. We will operate an active adoption program to move homeless animals into quality homes with loving and committed people. We will provide a dynamic education programs designed to encourage responsibility and compassion for all living things. We will provide community assistance programs focused on reducing pet over-population and keeping pets in their homes.

Above all, we will strive to be an example of what is possible when animals are held in high regard and recognized as an integral and cherished part of life on our planet.

Guiding Principles

  • Animal Refugee Response will operate as a strictly NO-KILL organization

  • Animals will be treated with dignity and kindness

  • Priority in space will be given to elderly, sick, injured, disabled and orphaned animals

  • Adoptions will be done in the best interest of the animal

  • Animal Refugee Response strives for a culture inclusive of all who cherish animals. We believe this shared compassion joins us in working for a kinder world for all.

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